Korean Cultural Center

Korean Cultural Center

On September 15, the Palace of Korean Culture and Art hosted a grand festival-Chusok 2019.

Head of office:

Baltabay Kylyshbayev


Isaev str., Nukus, 23100


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Phone number:

+998 (61) 222-25-56

About four thousand residents and guests of the capital came to enjoy the holiday. The opening of the festival was held with a welcoming speech by the deputy of the Oliy Majlis and chairman of the Association of Korean Cultural Centers of Uzbekistan Park Viktor Nikolaevich. He greeted the guests in Russian and Uzbek.

The festival organizers have prepared a very rich entertainment and cultural program for the visitors. Throughout the Palace there were various displays, master classes, incendiary dances, music, young people participated in various games, there was also an art exhibition, and, of course, culinary treats. Perhaps everyone was imbued with the atmosphere of a wonderful Korean holiday.

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