Uzbekistan - Ankara

30 Jul, 2021 - 12:00
Uzbekistan - Ankara

Uzbekistan - Ankara

  Cultural partnership renews

  The Uzbek delegation, who is on a working visit to Ankara, Turkey, got acquainted with the main activities of the recently built Presidential Symphony Concert Palace.

  The members of the delegation got acquainted with the conditions created for visitors in shops, restaurants and entertainment establishments located on the territory of the palace, equipped with the latest technology.

  Also, in the concert halls of the Symphony Palace, acoustic equipment, the experience of lighting masters, and exhibits stored in the museum were observed with great interest.

  In addition, the activities of 6 artistic and creative teams of the palace were studied, in particular, the Presidential Symphony Orchestra, the Turkish Folk Dance Ensemble, the Turkish Folk Orchestra, and important information was recorded.
  After that, a meeting took place with the Uzbek delegation and the leadership of the Symphony Palace.

  During the talks, a number of projects aimed at developing the cultural sphere of the two countries were discussed, and an agreement was reached on the implementation of two important projects.

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